You are Always Worthy and Loved

Like so many of us, messages about being unworthy and not good enough abounded in my environment growing up – and I spent years of my life feeling broken and ashamed under the surface of whatever else I was thinking or feeling. Through spiritual training and practice, and becoming a holistic health practitioner and cognitive behavioral therapist, I found my way out of that painful outlook. I also discovered the stillness and Spirit within, and an abiding sense of serenity, love, and wholeness.

My work is about helping people find this for themselves, in a manner that respects their authenticity and agency over their lives. It is about coming home within ourselves, and it integrates spiritual practice alongside techniques and concepts from holistic health and cognitive therapy, often with a focus on earth-oriented spirituality. I’ve found that we don’t have to be “perfect” spiritual seekers in order to find a sustained connection with the divine and the nourishment that accompanies that. We can be human beings who have bad days, the full range of human emotions and experiences, and human wants and needs, and integrate that into our sense of our spiritual selves. This brings us into a deeper alignment with the divine presence within.

Worthy As You Are (1)

My work is primarily available on social media and in my books. I create daily content about wellness, spirituality, and Astrology on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. My new book, “Worthy As You Are: Weed Out Unhealthy Beliefs and Nourish Your Authentic Self” is available now and provides a deep dive into my approach to healing. Click here for more information about it. My first book, “The Little Work: Magic to Transform Your Everyday Life” is also available. It is a training manual for magical practitioners seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. For more information about it, click here. Both are published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

I have also given some talks and appeared on podcasts, which can be found on this page.