The Little Work

the little workI’m thrilled to share that my first book, “The Little Work: Magic to Transform Your Everyday Life” is available from, Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, and Llewellyn Worldwide, its publisher.

Many people yearn for spirituality to be a greater part of their day-to-day life. Perhaps they attend retreats and workshops or even join spiritual organizations, but still feel like their spirituality is more of an occasion than their norm, almost like their day-to-day roles and responsibilities are obstacles to their spiritual path. They may also have heightened spiritual sensitivities that enable them to feel spiritually connected at times, but that leave them feeling ungrounded, unstable, or struggling to be effective in their career, relationships, or home life. 

That’s where I was in my early 20s. I yearned for a life of spiritual connection and experience, and found myself ramming against a wall of adult responsibilities, porous psychic sensitivity, and emotional difficulties instead. Part of me longed to run away to a remote hermitage, but not enough to go. After years of depression, constant anxiety, and hitting rock bottom, I found myself at the gates of a mysteries school that taught something other than leaving society to pursue spirituality: how to make wherever we are the sanctuary, to bring the divine into everything we do through noticing that it is already there.

Over the next two-and-a-half years, I learned to do just that, studying and practicing Kabbalah, Yoga, and ritual against the backdrop of developing practical life skills like time management and budgeting. In less time than I would’ve imagined, my life dramatically improved, and that was just the beginning of a dive into consciousness that continues to thrill me almost 15 years later. 

That is the heart of what this book is about, and what I call the “Little Work.” The Little Work is a play on the term the “Great Work” from Hermeticism, which is one name for the process of finding Enlightenment, the end goal of countless spiritual seekers throughout history. In the Little Work, we cleanse ourselves through healing practices and build ourselves up with magic, ritual, meditation, will development exercises, and supportive thinking and action, undertaking a process of inner alchemy that opens us to deeper spiritual experience and freedom. 

Many people in the metaphysical world ask, “where are the intermediate and advanced books on spiritual development?” Though I wrote The Little Work for all experience levels, it also addresses this issue. In my experience, the intermediate work is largely the day-to-day stuff: learning to thrive in the world in a manner that feeds our spiritual path, alongside creating a sturdy, deepening daily practice. In this book, I provide concrete practices for doing that in a variety of settings: home, relationships, work, money management, communication, etc. Spirituality doesn’t have to be something that ebbs and flows in your life. I’ll show you how to live each day rooted in the experience of your spirit. Not with theory or speculation, but with the practices that enabled me to do this myself.

The life skills presented in this book are the synthesis of what I learned from my spiritual training that I’m free to share and my experience and education as a psychotherapist, holistic health practitioner, and coach. In my experience, these types of skills are crucial to develop in some form if we want to live in a sustainable, higher consciousness while functioning well in the modern world. I’m confident that anyone who dutifully undertakes the system in this book will greatly amplify their ability to be effective in whatever they set out to do, which is ultimately up to them. With consistent effort each day, you can achieve your goals and revolutionize your life experience. All it takes is a little work.

Praise for The Little Work:

The Little Work offers profound insight into the key metaphysical principles that govern our existence, inspiring us to better sculpt our will and reshape our reality. This premiere book by author Durgadas Allon Duriel is certain to imprint its wisdom upon the large field of esoteric scholarship, while providing workable advice to transform the lives of all readers. Superbly written, the author’s immense compassion, and the awe with which he views the world, is evident in his words, providing the perfect alchemical balance for the lofty concepts this work so adeptly explores.”–Chas Bogan, author of The Secret Keys of Conjure

“In order for us to make big things happen with our magic we have to do the ‘little work.’ What Duriel delivers with this book is nothing short of exceptional. Full of keen insight and empathy for the witch who yearns to make real change in their life, what you find in the pages of this book will set your soul on fire and breathe new life into any practice.”―Devin Hunter, author of The Witch’s Book of Mysteries

“Duriel lays out a stable foundation for transforming the ‘mundane’ into the magical. Drawing from various traditions and practices such as Hermeticism, Yoga, and his work as a cognitive behavioral therapist, Duriel reveals the true secrets of how to transform our inner blocks into strengths, as well as how to maintain a healthy spiritual practice even when life throws obstacles in our way. Should be required reading for anyone embarking on a magical path.”―Storm Faerywolfauthor of Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft

“Durgadas Allon Duriel gives a masterclass on how incorporating a magical outlook on the mundane can affect our inner and outer worlds in extraordinary ways.…If you’re wanting a more practical approach to a charmed and inspired life through the infusion of a little magic into the little things we do every single day, read this book and learn how little things can lead to big results!”―Tomás Prower, author of Queer Magic: LGBT+ Spirituality and Culture from Around the World

The Little Work fills a very special void in the subject of personal transformative magic. Durgadas Allon Duriel’s unique areas of expertise tie together some of the most powerful gems of western magic with a close examination of mind, body, and spiritual health. The result is a holistic work that will surely cause deep shift for the reader who puts these lessons to work.”―David Salisbury, author of Witchcraft Activism