On my Instagram page (see below or click here), I feature an herb and crystal of the week. I also provide infographics about tarot and astrology. The information for these comes from various sources.

The herb of the week is usually researched via,, The Master Book of Herbalism, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, and Lucky Mojo’s website. I also sometimes consult A Modern Herbal and Ayurvedic herbal websites, though there isn’t a specific one I use.

The crystal of the week usually begins with The Crystal Bible and then I read different websites, though not specific ones. The crystal field isn’t nearly as rigorous or scientific as the herbal one. If I have a relevant experience with a crystal, I will sometimes also tie that in.

Though I provide lists of correspondences for crystals and herbs each week, I think it’s important to realize that crystals and herbs aren’t bound by these lists (aside from, perhaps, the medicinal uses of herbs). They have consciousness and spirits, and we can partner with them. Though they may frequently serve certain clear purposes (like rose quartz connecting with unconditional love), they are capable of far more than any list of correspondences. This is why it’s important to connect with crystals and plants meditatively, either through tuning in to their energy or via journeying to the higher planes and dialoguing with them there. They can be potent magical allies and are not a simple list of qualities any more than you or I are.

Otherwise, please try to buy sustainably, ethically sourced herbs and crystals. For herbs, I recommend buying from Frontier Co-Op and Organic India. I don’t have a recommendation for crystals, as there really isn’t a gold standard that I’ve found, so I encourage you to dialogue with the folks you buy crystals from and do your best.

When it comes to tarot and astrology, the sources I consult are varied and I mostly write based on my knowledge of the topics. I am well-read in both fields and have been practicing for years, so there’s no single source I can point to for something like, “Pisces is empathetic and oriented toward spiritual development” and “The Magician is associated with harnessed and developed will.” Those are just things I know about astrology and tarot at this point. My process is usually to write what I can think of about an astrological matter or tarot card and then consult websites to see if I missed anything. This all falls under the umbrella of common knowledge in these respective fields. If I were to include something that were not common knowledge, for example, a unique insight a tarot scholar had about a card, I would cite the source.