Spring Equinox/Full Moon in Libra for 2019

Note: how Astrology individually affects us depends on the placement of planets in our birth chart. This forecast assumes an uncomplicated interaction between the transiting planets and a birth chart, which means parts of it may not apply to you (or may only apply to certain degrees). To learn about your specific chart, I encourage you to book a session with me. Also, this article was written for the Northern Hemisphere.

libra full moon 7.jpgHappy New Year (Or sad? More below…)! The Astrological cycle restarts as the Sun enters Aries the day of the Libra Full Moon, Wednesday, March 20th. At its zenith, Aries is a sign of courage and fighting for what we value (i.e. “spiritual warriorhood”). At its nadir, it’s a sign of immaturity, impulsiveness, callousness, and selfishness. Aries is the infant of the zodiac, and the lessons and shadow of Aries relate to that infant growing up. The goal of this process is what Steven Forrest calls “enlightened selfishness,” wherein we own our right to have healthy desires. We’re entitled to the space we occupy on earth, and anyone seeking to take it or our ability to pursue happiness deserves to be challenged.

Aries season offers an opportunity to build courage to live in alignment with our authenticity – our sense of purpose and passion. It reminds us that we, as individuals, matter. Everything that lives belongs in the greater whole, with no strings attached. There is value in you being your Self. When we pursue our authentic desires in a way that doesn’t manipulate or harm others, we generally feel better and better.

libra full moon 8.png

“Enlightened Self-Interest”

In my experience, contentment and fulfillment come from love and service – love of, and service to, other and self. Inner work related to Aries season often involves accepting our inherent worthiness, which is usually more of a process than an event, as we remove unhealthy cultural and societal conditioning from ourselves (and the unhealthy after effects of any trauma we’ve experienced).

Aries also soaks in life and experiences with the openness of a newborn. As the cardinal fire sign, it’s flooded with energy, vitality, and zeal for living. Aries season can provide an opportunity for considering what new experiences we want to avail ourselves of this year. It can be a fruitful time for adventuring and contemplating taking risks in the name of living out our most compelling desires.

The Vernal Equinox, Super Full Moon in Libra

libra full moon 5.jpg

The Germanic Goddess Ostara

The equinox heralds the arrival of spring, which is another way of thinking of Aries: the spring of our lives, year-after-after. The transition into Aries is the Big Bang of the Zodiac. The equinox is the holiday Ostara in many Pagan traditions, a time of balance between light and dark, new beginnings, and the shoots of last year’s inner work pushing through the ground. What we’ve grown internally over the fall and winter is ready to emerge, and there’s a robust, fertile environment for creativity, personal development, adventure, etc.

Amidst this shift into Aries, we have a rare and powerful alignment – a simultaneous Super Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees (conjunct the Super Galactic Center, whose meaning some have speculated about). A “super moon” occurs when the moon is at the closest points in its orbit to the Earth, which many believe amplifies its astrological and magical potency. With every Full Moon, there’s an opposition between the Sun and Moon, signifying a polarity between our core sense of self and emotions. The peak of “me, me, me” in the Zodiac – delivery room Aries – contrasts with the “you, you, you” and “us, us, us” of Libra.

In my opinion, when there are “hard” or “difficult” aspects in a chart (i.e. oppositions, squares, and inconjuncts), the evolutionary aim is integration: turning a perceived “either/or” into a “both/and.” How can we get these divergent elements to understand each other and ultimately partner together? Despite their differences, oppositions complement each other. With Aries and Libra, we see the healthiest form of selfishness (when evolved) opposite the healthiest form of relationship (again, when evolved). Join them and we get someone who can healthfully relate to self and other, which is key in self-actualization.

libra full moon chart

Every sign is in every chart.

When Astrology is used for self-actualization, which is a focus of this blog, it’s critical to understand that each of us has all the signs within us. Every sign is present in every birth chart. We have different concentrations of energy and activity based on where our planets are, and different inclinations, strengths, weaknesses, etc. accordingly, but the entire universe is within each of us. As above, so below. As without, so within. It’s not simply “I’m a Cancer Sun and Moon, so let me ignore Aries for the rest of my life.” I may want to, and I will probably never battle like an Aries – and I’m not suggesting I should. But it’s crucial for me to grasp the value of Aries, and to integrate that within myself to a certain degree. In my opinion, that degree is “enlightened selfishness” and the spiritual warrior archetype. These areas won’t be the focus for me like they are for a solar or lunar Aries (just as my nurturing Cancerian nature won’t be for them unless they have a Cancer Sun or Moon), but they’re still part of my path. They’ll surface during prominent Mars or Aries transits and progressions in my chart. At some point, I’ll be called to learn the importance of championing my needs, and to pick up the sword in defense of self or other.

Libra full moon

Aries knows how to leave a bad scene!

In terms of this Aries/Libra moment, one use of this Full Moon can be reflecting on ways we feel our relationships honor – or dishonor – our sense of self. One of the lessons of Aries we can learn is Aries will walk away from what doesn’t serve it, including people. While I’m not suggesting we give up close ties lightly, being able to release what’s harmful for us is a critical life skill. So is the clarity of recognizing what that is. The evolved Aries is a master at both. 

On a related note, Venus and Mars are squabbling over the next couple weeks as they square each other (which is also noteworthy because Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Aries, indicating a parallel process to what’s occurring with the Sun and Moon). There may be tension in our relationships – arguments, disagreements, etc. – and that could be another dimension of what’s raised and during this Full Moon. There may be intense, breathtaking sex too. We may not know how to grow together with a partner but want to. Issues about how we assert ourselves in relationships could emerge. We may be acutely aware of what isn’t working in a relationship and fired up about it. We might also want to grow in our relationship (or an artistic project, or our perspective about relationships, etc.), while another part of ourselves seeks the stability of staying put. One way to reconcile these energies (which is very Libra moon angling toward Mars entering Gemini, which happens on April 1st) is to try to do both. Expand the relationship, following the urge for increased energy and liveliness, but be practical about it.

Libra full moon 2This Full Moon is also potentially profound because the Sun is conjunct Chiron (the “wounded healer”) at 1 degree. Chiron entered Aries on February 18th, and there’s been substantial activity with Chiron lately. The surfacing of old wounds is likely a theme now (either for us or people around us). How we understand ourselves, in relationship to how we navigate our wounds and history, can fundamentally change over the eight years Chiron is in Aries, including substantial healing. On this Libra Full Moon, a sign often involved with peacemaking and seeing many sides of an issue, we may gain clarity regarding the intense Chiron in Aries energy in our life. Relatedly, Full Moons are often times of illumination and completion. Much may become visible, especially related to wounding or relationships. This Full Moon is powerful for performing rituals to bring something to a close, especially related to relationships, or at least set that process in motion. It’s also a potent night to perform a ritual, journey, or divination regarding opening ourselves to healing and growth, or for artistic inspiration. Libra is an artistic sign, and inspiration and creativity may flow on  this Full Moon.

The Mind Aflame Inwardly and Inspired

Otherwise, there’s a lot to say about Mercury. Mercury isn’t just retrograde this month (which often inclines people toward an interior mental journey, among the communication, information, and computer challenges Mercury Retrograde’s known for) – it’s lit up with planetary activity. As Mercury retrogrades in Pisces until the 28th, eventually stationing, going direct, and then returning, it makes a sextile to Mars, Saturn, and Pluto and squares Jupiter. When it stations, it conjuncts Neptune within one degree, sitting atop the planet of mysticism (and illusions) for two weeks. What can this mean? Our mind races and strives to expand, covering deep and aggressive terrain, facing restrictions, limitations, and disciplining forces only to eventually settle into a landscape of vision and insight. We then carry the fruits of our efforts with us as we retrace our steps.

libra full moon 9.pngThis pass through aspects with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto is almost like a quest, and we may feel like we’re on one – a processing quest, as it were (people in psychotherapy could make huge breakthroughs during this time). The hero, spurred on by growth-seeking Jupiter, adventures through the volcano of Mars, the underworld of Pluto, and the needle eye of Saturn to drink from the Fountain of Eternity that is Neptune in Pisces, only to then return (except without aspecting Mars, which will have moved on to Gemini). Perhaps this retracing involves some outward expression of what was learned or experienced – art, poetry, journal entries, tangible insights, etc. Because the Mars, Saturn, and Pluto aspects are supportive (sextiles), the planetary alignment is in favor of us succeeding on this quest, even though we’re covering difficult ground. If we can use this transit to vision and discover rather than criticize ourselves or others, it could prove empowering and clarifying.

new moon in pisces 3

Chiron and Achilles by J.B. Regnault

This transit doesn’t have the heft of an outer planet one to shift our overall life texture (inner planet transits are kind of like weekend workshops; outer planet ones are like getting degrees), but the buzz of activity around slow-moving Chiron inclines me to believe there is profound inner alchemy possible during this time. I’ve certainly had speedy Mars/Uranus transits that left my life irrevocably changed. Sometimes these quicker transits are catalysts we’ve been waiting for to spark bold changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this transit continues to relate to the surfacing of personality wounds that began when Chiron entered Aries (and Mercury will conjunct Chiron as this process ends). All the sextiles may facilitate us finding healthy, solid ways of dealing with that or insight into it. With the square to Jupiter, we’re called to expand our thinking, even if there’s friction in that process. Sometimes that friction is what fosters our greatest expansion, as our ideas are challenged and we’re forced to defend them. Alternatively, we may simply have a racing mind and restlessness (or experience people and circumstances provoking our insecurities), which is one reason learning about Astrology is helpful. We can ride this wave to greater self-actualization or simply have a frustrating few days or weeks. Magic, journeying, and journaling related to self-discovery, healing of deep wounds, and increased understanding could flourish during this transit (which is over April 18th).


  1. I loved what you wrote! It is interesting that my cards for the Libra spread via #themarchtarot really do align with this energy.
    I have this odd process when I draw cards for a spread-I shuffle and pick 12-13 cards and shuffle again picking usually three cards for a small spread. Perhaps, next time I will record it and share on Insta. Thank you, for your insight~


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