New Moon in Virgo for 2019

Note: the New Moon interacts with the movements of the other planets and the individual birth chart of each person. Forecasts like this will always have limited applicability because of being general. For more specific information, I encourage you to book a reading with me. Also, this forecast is for the Northern Hemisphere, and when I reference signs below, I’m writing of the pure archetypes, not people, who have an entire chart of factors influencing their personality. On August 30th at 3:37 a.m. PST, the New Moon in Virgo will rise. A New Moon occurs when the Moon is on the same side of the earth as the Sun and in front of it (which is why the Moon appears dark). This means that the Moon and Sun are in the same sign and form a conjunction, a fusion of their energies where they often operate as a unit. Practically speaking, this means the Sun, our core identity – the part that beats our heart – and the Moon, our feelings and subjective interior aspects, subconscious and unconscious, are aligned. Every month, the Sun and Moon unite in darkness, dialoguing fluently together. We’re positioned to hear them both on New Moons, sometimes gaining profound insight, especially if we use this time for reflection. This alignment can offer us insight into issues in our lives and how to address them, as well as energy for doing so. The New Moon is a powerful […]

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