New Moon in Virgo for 2019

Note: the New Moon interacts with the movements of the other planets and the individual birth chart of each person. Forecasts like this will always have limited applicability because of being general. For more specific information, I encourage you to book a reading with me. Also, this forecast is for the Northern Hemisphere, and when I reference signs below, I’m writing of the pure archetypes, not people, who have an entire chart of factors influencing their personality.

virgo full moon 1On August 30th at 3:37 a.m. PST, the New Moon in Virgo will rise. A New Moon occurs when the Moon is on the same side of the earth as the Sun and in front of it (which is why the Moon appears dark). This means that the Moon and Sun are in the same sign and form a conjunction, a fusion of their energies where they often operate as a unit. Practically speaking, this means the Sun, our core identity – the part that beats our heart – and the Moon, our feelings and subjective interior aspects, subconscious and unconscious, are aligned. Every month, the Sun and Moon unite in darkness, dialoguing fluently together. We’re positioned to hear them both on New Moons, sometimes gaining profound insight, especially if we use this time for reflection. This alignment can offer us insight into issues in our lives and how to address them, as well as energy for doing so.

The New Moon is a powerful time for setting new intentions, resolving to break old habits and patterns, and looking inward. New Moons are geared toward beginnings and initiation in general, as well as receiving information from our depths. When the Moon is dark, we can better perceive ourselves as separate from the light we experience from the heavenly bodies, like how our sense of hearing becomes heightened in a darkened room.

virgo full moon 4This New Moon in Virgo, an earth sign known for analysis, service, and self-refinement (and at times, perfectionism), brings opportunities for increased self-awareness and healthy self-criticism. Through the lens of Virgo, we have a potent opportunity to examine what is and isn’t working in our life on every level, outer and inner, mental and emotional, etc. We also have a chance to consider what we could do better, as well as how our actions are or aren’t serving us.

Virgo is driven to course correct and recalibrate upon each misstep. It’s a sign that’s highly aware of any mistakes it makes. This energy is with us during this New Moon, and it’s worth harnessing. We’re called to examine ourselves candidly: what are we avoiding? Where are we not showing up as we could? Are we serving others in our life? How are we are caring for ourselves? Is there somewhere we missed the mark that we feel merits an apology?

Virgo is also a sign of devotion. It’s the pious nun trying to do everything right. By living under divine law in the form of religion, Virgo feels closer to spirit. She feeds on the purification, structure, and clarity of holy roles. Virgo is also no nonsense when it comes to analyzing where she might’ve done better in a situation, and this Moon can be used for that. Virgo will help us sort through our perspective on our life circumstances and arrange them in our mind. Few details and areas for improvement miss Virgo’s vigilance, and we may benefit from that this New Moon as we reflect upon where we are in life. This is a good time to vision practically, as well as problem-solve in creative ways.

Extending the View

gemini new moon 3If anyone could make sense of the difficult astrology many of us have faced this year, and do something useful with it, it’s Virgo. After the balmy climes of Leo season, we’re re-entering the nest of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn, but this time with the Virgin at the helm. She’s unintimidated by them, arguably the most fearless sign of the zodiac when it comes to her unrelenting willingness to scrutinize. Catch her off guard and she may spook, but give her a project, even if that project is her deepest shadow, and she will work at it until it shines with the light of the purest intention a human can muster. She will sacrifice herself in a way that no other sign can in pursuit of an ideal. This is one of the gifts of Virgo, to tirelessly aspire for perfection, but also one of its shadows when the Virgin loses perspective.

The Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus all march forward under the banner of the Virgin until Mercury and Venus enter Libra on the 14th, the night of the Pisces Full Moon. This turns the wattage of this New Moon way, way up, supporting launching more innovative intentions for ourselves that could even mark sudden changes in our current circumstances, as all supportively aspect with Uranus in pragmatic, down-to-earth Taurus. These may relate to difficulties from the past (even prior lives) that we now feel able to do something with. But more than that, the Virgin presses the coal again and again, confident her labor will buy her freedom and make the sweat of her effort worthwhile. It is time to do something with the pain and difficulty so many of us have faced this year (or become reacquainted with), to be creative, insightful, reverential, and practical with what we have felt and experienced, and make diamonds from it. It is time to perform inner alchemy, and of all the signs, Virgo has the steadiest hand and surest eye.

Venice_ast_smRelationships are another area where we may see heightened activity during this two-week period. Tensions surfacing, a lack of assurance in where we stand, and a feeling of stifled growth – this and more may arise if we’re in the resonance zones of transiting Venus. Artists may find this tension manifesting in their creative pursuits. We experience a clearer outlook on how things are, a break from whatever comfortable mirages we place over the world, which can be used for making progress. Virgo may be uncomfortable, but she’s never wasteful. As the hindrances to our growth and well-being become increasingly apparent, we have the Virgoan muscle to get practical and real about what to do about it.

Tarot Card Reading and Intention-Setting for the Virgo New Moon

Card one: What is most important for me to focus on right now?
Card two: What has been hiding in my shadow that I could benefit from seeing?
Card three: What would be good for me to work on moving forward?

In response to this reading, consider setting an intention or intentions that will grow and ripen with the lunar cycle.

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