Full Moon in Aquarius for 2019

Note: the Full Moon interacts with the movements of the other planets and the individual birth chart of each person. Forecasts like this will always have limited applicability because of being general. For more specific information, I encourage you to book a reading with me. Also, this forecast is for the Northern Hemisphere, and when I reference signs below, I’m writing of the pure archetypes, not people, who have an entire chart of factors influencing their personality. 

full-moon-2055469_1280On August 15th at 5:29 a.m. PST, the Full Moon in Aquarius for 2019 will rise. Full Moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the earth as the Sun, meaning that they’re always at the same degree as the Sun, just in the opposite sign. This means, roughly, that our core sense of self (Sun) and our emotions, unconscious, instincts, etc. (Moon) are on different ends of a spectrum, often resulting in a restless feeling. Two forces within us converse tensely, and in that discord, reasons to grow and change can surface.

This Full Moon finds that tension between Leo and Aquarius, signs of strong individuality that also tie to the collective, yet differently. Leo, archetypally, wants to garner the praise of the kingdom it rules through being as amazing, strong, courageous, and giving of a leader as it believes itself to be. Aquarius wants to level the kingdom for the greater good, bringing about brilliant revolution through its genius and commitment to personal freedom. Leo plays to the crowd, while Aquarius bucks convention. We might also say that Leo wants its individuality revered, while Aquarius wants to revere individuality. Aquarius is known for making quantum leaps in human consciousness, and on the Aquarius Full Moon, we can have bold, paradigm shifting realizations about ourselves and our life. Coupled with the Leo Sun, we can also be highly in touch with our individual needs and what honoring ourselves would look like.

aquarius 6Relatedly, Aquarius Full Moons offer us an opportunity to question where we are in our lives – what we think, value, and believe – and push ourselves outside of any boxes we find ourselves in. We can also gaze at the world and our circumstances and apply the same type of questioning there. There’s no sacred cow to Aquarius, which is helpful because we must tear down the falsely sacred to find the truly sacred, which is a task we may face to some degree this lunar cycle.

Full Moons traditionally suit magic and practices related to concluding, completing, and releasing things, as well as illuminating and revealing what normally hides under the darkness of night or shadow. All of this could factor into the Aquarius Full Moon.

Expanding the View

lion-1577197_1920Beyond the Sun and Moon, Venus is also conjunct the Sun in Leo this Full Moon (i.e. united in the sky and in effect), perhaps bringing a focus on relationships, love, or artistic endeavors to what surfaces this night. Issues of beauty may emerge, regarding ours, that of others, what we perceive, and what we wish for. Venus stays conjunct the Sun in varying degrees of strength throughout August, hopefully bringing a lovely, enticing shimmer to the summer air.

Otherwise, Mercury will dance with Chiron and Uranus, perhaps surfacing issues of personality and individuality in our minds. We may feel extra spicy and experience friction when we notice or think of areas in which we feel unseen, dishonored, etc., and be highly aware of them. Are we tolerating less than we deserve when we needn’t, and therefore accepting that? Could we instead roar like a lion and demand the emotional and psychic sustenance all people deserve? Better yet, could we explore the inner alchemical processes through which we can give that to ourselves? In the mirror of the Aquarian Full Moon, the Lion can have an epiphany that’s otherwise generally alien to it: in my own light, I can be enough. I can savor the praise I receive, but as a want, not a need. My own applause is sufficient.

Otherwise, Jupiter is moving forward in the sky after being retrograde, supporting the positive growth of projects and learning efforts, while Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is now retrograde (as of August 11th), which supports the work of inner-focused genius we already considered for this Full Moon. Mars enters Virgo on the 17th, and Venus and the Sun follow it on the 21st and 23rd, respectively, as the schoolmarm of the Zodiac comes to stamp out the fire of Leo with the best of intentions. Virgo is all about refinement and service. How can we do better? What more can we give? Archetypally, Virgo is the spiritual aspirant who sincerely follows doctrine to the letter, the moth that flies into the flame of spirit hoping to burn away ego by virtue of it. It’s an interesting pivot from self-loving Leo, aligned with the alternating Yin and Yang pattern between neighboring signs.

aquarius 2On the 23rd, Venus and Mars form a conjunction in Virgo, bringing sparks of lust and sincerity to romance and creative pursuits, but with the Virgin’s careful, methodical way of acting. The War God and Love Goddess can make miraculous manifestations possible together, and we can ride the currents of that union on this night to great effect by practicing magic in alignment with this transit. This period before the New Moon ends with a punch as the Sun harmonizes with Uranus while being conjunct Venus and Mars on the 29th (also the day Mercury enters Virgo). That is a megawatt amount of astrological energy for getting practical matters handled in a unique way (or just period), as well as any other activities we have planned that require extra energy and care. 

Full Moon Divination Activity

On the Full Moon night, consider pulling a Tarot card (or three) for each of the following questions:

  1. Are there limits in place in my life that don’t need to be there? If so, where and what?
  2. Am I stuck inside boxes I could break out of? If so, what are they?
  3. What would an inner revolution in my life look like?

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