New Moon in Taurus for 2019

Note: how Astrology individually affects us depends on the placement of planets in our birth chart. This forecast assumes an uncomplicated interaction between the transiting planets and a birth chart, which means parts of it may not apply to you (or may only apply to certain degrees). To learn about your specific chart, I encourage you to book a session with me. Also, this forecast was written for the Northern Hemisphere. It covers 5/4/19/19-5/17/19.

new moon in pisces 10On May 4th at 3:45 p.m. PST, the Taurus New Moon will arrive, with the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Taurus, one degree off the zenith of the sign’s energy and astrological Beltane. Beltane is a pagan fertility holiday that reflects Taurus’s affinity for sexuality, sensuality, abundance, and earthly delight. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct (a conjunction happens when planets are atop each other in the sky, which fuses their energy together), our core sense of self and emotionality are aligned. This monthly occurrence can provide us with rich opportunities to dialogue between these areas of ourselves.

The Taurus New Moon marks the height of earthliness in the Sun’s annual journey through the zodiac, particularly this year with it occurring just one degree off the 15 degree midpoint of Taurus. This New Moon, and Taurus season in general, provides a powerful opportunity to connect with and honor our bodies and experience the divine splendor within them, which is the higher frequency work of the Taurus archetype. Of all the signs, Taurus is the most comfortable with the animalistic side of the human experience and able to find satisfaction in the act of living itself. Taurus asks us to not only think of our bodies as temples, but to engage in worship of the divine through physicality – reveling in embodiment, sensuality, etc.

pisces full moonDivinity is encoded within matter on a cellular and pre-cellular level. As we savor a piece of fresh fruit or feel the throbbing kiss of a lover, just underneath the surface of the sensation, there’s a ceaseless, effulgent divine presence that we can always feel. Taurus innately knows this and can guide us toward experiencing that, with the intelligence of Nature and wisdom of our bodies and form also falling under its purview.

For those of us who feel disconnected from our bodies, sexuality, sensuality, and/or the presence of the divine in the physical, Taurus season offers an astrological boost to stretch ourselves in this manner. Mindful eating, massage, spiritual and physical spring cleaning, meditation on the breath, tuning in to Nature, and sacred sexuality are all powerful activities to help us connect in that manner. Even just taking a shower with the intention of loving and honoring our body with each touch can be a potent way of riding the Taurean solar wave for inner alchemy.

libra full moon 2We all deserve pleasure and care. One of the gifts of Taurus is an innate acceptance of that and the elevation of it to a spiritual octave (when Taurus is in its shadow, empty debauchery can be an obstacle to growth). Taurus is ruled by Venus, and this process of finding the divine in sensuality is highly representative of that. To that end, working with the Goddess Venus or Aphrodite can be another a powerful way to assist in this process this month. New Moons are also potent times for intention-setting, and this one suits launching intentions related to the matters shared above.

In addition to being sensual, Taurus is also practical. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Taurus is most focused on physical safety and security (Cancer also focuses on safety, but from more of an emotional standpoint). Taurus connects with our personal resources and physical living spaces, and Taurus season can be a powerful time for grounding ourselves and working in a steady, methodical manner on building personal security. Taurus is the fixed Earth sign, meaning it’s the permutation of element that can steadily, unrelentingly operate. Taurus is well-known for this, as it can manifest an implacable stubbornness, which is another shadow aspect of Taurus – their way or the highway, regardless of any counter information. On the other hand, once Taurus sets its mind up to do something, it has more determination and staying power than any of the other signs, save for its opposite, Scorpio, which clings in a different manner, yet just as fiercely. When Taurus knows what it wants, it goes for it with a single-minded, incrementally-progressing dedication. It’s the tortoise that beats the hare. This wave of stick-to-itiveness is something we can ride during Taurus season if it’s not normally in our repertoire of character traits.

The Sun Builds and Burns Off Impurities

moon phasesAfter months of difficult aspects, we finally gain a powerful boost from the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn as the Taurus sun trines it for a period of just over two weeks. A trine is a positive, almost effortless and supportive flow of energy between planets (usually in signs of the same element). This trine can help us get practical with what we desire for ourselves, as well as recognize and release the limitations in the way of us being more stable and at peace in the physical world. There’s support here to make positive changes that bolster us at the earthly level, involving systems and structures of living that haven’t been serving us. We can take what we’ve learned over the last few months of weathering challenging energies and do something with that, implementing more of our deeper truth in how we live. Perhaps we find ways to be more authentic at work or honor the realization that we need increased self-care and sensuality in our life. 

Additionally, there’s a sextile to Neptune in Pisces here (another supportive relationship) that brings a potential for inspiration, perhaps even to where we have visions of how to better embody our spirit through how we live and occupy spaces in the world. Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun in Taurus both bring discipline to work toward the intentions we set, as will the energies of Mercury and Venus as they respectively enter Taurus on the 8th and 15th, eventually also experiencing this trine to Saturn and Pluto and sextile to Neptune.

new moon in pisces 8On this particular New Moon, with the Sun and Moon sextile Neptune, we gain a boost for psychic work, journeying, divination, etc. This can be a powerful time to also channel energy from higher frequencies for healing the physical body or to gain insights into healing that we’d normally have a harder time receiving. When the Moon is dark, we can better perceive ourselves as separate from the light we experience from the heavenly bodies, like how our sense of hearing becomes heightened in a darkened room. In this darkness, we can discover more of what’s happening within ourselves, ultimately providing us with information we can use in our inner alchemical journey.

The Mind Blooms with Spring

As Mercury in Aries approaches and enters Taurus, some stimulating and energizing aspects occur. A sextile with Mars in Gemini and trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius brings us energy to think on our behalf and expand our mental horizons, particularly related to our concepts of self. There’s also a high energy here for self-assertion, which is heightened as Mercury moves into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus that stimulates innovative thinking. After this hubbub, we experience the trine mentioned above between Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, giving us the practical discipline to manifest our thoughts in physical structures and mental forms that can be built upon and grown. The trine with Jupiter can help us ride the winds of philosophy, gaining greater clarity about our life course and deeper perspectives. Meanwhile, Venus soon follows Mercury here, bringing the same dance of aspects to our love life and creative pursuits. Venus is also important to consider at this time because it rules Taurus and Libra (the two most recent Full Moons were in Libra). Love may be in the air now, or at least clarity around our amorous nature or intentions. There may be growth and development in our relationships, clarification of what’s afoot in them, and power dynamics emerging that demand being addressed. Difficult truths may also surface, but overall the energy favors growth and blossoming.

virgo full moon marsAmidst all of this, there are some challenging aspects to Mars that could provide some of us with hurdles getting started on matters. This should be over within a few days of the New Moon. As it is though, with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter retrograde, it may be worth spending time reflecting and carefully planning before pivoting to action in any new initiatives in our lives. With retrogrades, it can be important to take extra time to see how actions we want to take feel within ourselves and align with what we believe. Better to build from the organic growth within than make sand castles that don’t withstand the authenticity tide of Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn that will come in earnest in next January.

To Grow, to Dream, to Be in the Not Knowing

Jupiter in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces until October, currently in a weak but growing relationship. Squares provide friction through fundamental differences of quality, often generating energy that can be used positively but in a manner that can feel unpleasant in the moment. Our spirit and higher vision are sparking each other to grow and evolve, but without directly lining up, with the turbulent waters of Neptunian Pisces rendered choppy by a storming Sagittarian Jupiter. Both planets are in the signs they rule, bringing clear, strong energies that can be harnessed potently once we understand how to integrate them. Our challenge is to work with the higher frequencies of Neptune and transition from dreaming to planning, rather than fall prey to mirages of possibility that hinder us from progressing – to be the hero of our lives rather than lose ourselves in the stories of other heroic figures until we become a bystander in our reality.

Overall, we’re in a powerful, generally positive flow of energy during this time. When moments like these arise, it’s important to seize them and harness them as best we can.


I drew a card for this New Moon and pulled the Queen of Pentacles. This is highly appropriate for Taurus season, with the energy of Venus apparent in the queen and the earthly energy of Taurus present in the pentacle. I interpret this as indicating that we have an opportunity here to be highly embodied and greatly in our power this month as we act and work to realize our goals. Marrying feeling with will and intention with action, we can step along a clear course to manifest our attainable visions in the world.


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