New Moon in Gemini for 2019

Note: how Astrology individually affects us depends on the placement of planets in our birth chart. This forecast assumes an uncomplicated interaction between the transiting planets and a birth chart, which means parts of it may not apply to you (or may only apply to certain degrees). To learn about your specific chart, I encourage you to book a session with me. Also, this forecast was written for the Northern Hemisphere. It covers 6/3/19-6/16/19.

gemini-new-moon-2.jpgOn June 3, 2019 at 3:02 a.m. PST, we’ll experience the New Moon in Gemini at 12 degrees of the sign. When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of the Zodiac, appearing atop each other in the sky. This relationship is called a conjunction, which indicates a fusion of the planets. In a nutshell, this means that our core sense of self (Sun) and emotional, instinctive, and intuitive nature (Moon) are communicating well and working as a unit. This makes New Moons powerful opportunities for gaining clarity about ourselves and our perspectives of the world, as well as setting intentions for moving forward. It’s like our two most prominent aspects of self are aligned, able to have a meaningful, candid, and productive conversation. On the subject of conversation, that’s one thing Gemini (and Gemini season) is all about: communication, information exchange, information gathering, etc.

Gemini is the archetypal student, storyteller, and journalist of the Zodiac. It’s the most curious of the signs, the most interested in learning for the sake of learning. Having said that, Gemini is more about quantity than depth. It likes to flit about from idea to idea, subject to subject, etc. No other sign zips around so much, or is as fed by the process with the vitalizing flair of a child in love with discovering the world. Relatedly, Gemini is arguably the most mutable of the four mutable signs (i.e. flexible, fluid, shape-changing, etc.), and Gemini season can help us get out of mental boxes we feel trapped in by being in touch more with open-mindedness and flexibility. Gemini relishes questioning current paradigms in light of new information and experience. Where Sagittarius in its higher frequency manifestations seeks to author a dissertation, Gemini wants to create an encyclopedia – to know a little bit about everything, and to be greatly enriched by that process. That said, Gemini may also be the quickest sign to totally lose interest in something that they seemed passionate about a minute ago (including a relationship).

gemini new moon 3.jpgGemini energy is often oriented outward, and Gemini season can provide powerful opportunities to look outside ourselves and our status quo. We may find new opportunities in the frontier spaces we explore, or inspiration to live a bit differently. Either way, we are better for it. This is like how the novel vantage point of a weekend getaway to a seemingly nondescript, benign location can open a floodgate of perspective on where we are in our life and how we feel about it. This is one of the powers of Gemini: by weaving in and out of a variety of mental spaces, it gains richer perspective on the subjects it focuses on. While Gemini can have some weaknesses in being somewhat shallow or flighty, that’s more than made up for by its desire to seek and experience. This aligns with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, in its form as both keeper of knowledge and trickster. On this New Moon, and throughout Gemini season, we can ride this astrological impulse to explore ourselves and novel things, looking at them with fresh eyes. There’s a potent opportunity to reflect on our life: how are we doing now? This year? In terms of a broader lens or plan? The Gemini New Moon is also excellent for brainstorming, just letting our thoughts fly and doing our best to document them for review later.

When we look at the zodiacal cycle as a progression through the life course, Gemini marks the birth of language and putting language to things in the world. It’s the basis of mind, the systems and pathways of information that allow us to engage with and create a world through language. So much of our reality is sustained and constructed by our thoughts, and it can be shifted by shifting our thoughts. That is one of the higher frequency abilities of Gemini, and the power to reshape our world with language is heightened on this New Moon. Consequently, this is a potent time to practice affirmations and launch new ones related to paradigm shifts we seek in our life and consciousness. This is also a time when we can walk into our shadow and name difficult emotions and experiences so we can better weave them in our conscious mind and healing journey. Gemini is the archetypal storyteller, and in owning our story, how we tell it, and what we integrate into it (and how), we gain tremendous power within our life.

gemini new moon 1.jpgWhen the Sun and Moon are in Gemini, we can feel conflicting emotions to a heightened, almost paradoxical degree, which is a prominent trait in many people with Gemini Moons in their birth charts. For example, they may seem to simultaneously love you and hate you, adore you and be frustrated by you (or quickly shift between these emotions). It’s not abnormal to have mixed emotions about others, but the Gemini Moon takes this to a level that’s rarely seen outside of the sign. Though Libra has a somewhat similar capacity to see multiple sides of an issue, Libra is also generally less attached to those sides. With Gemini, we can see extreme attachment or excitement about one dimension of an issue that turns on a dime and is then extreme in the other direction. This is part of where the “two-faced” stereotype about dating Geminis and Geminis being “crazy” comes from (and as a reminder, no one is only their Sun or Moon sign, so this matter isn’t as simple in actual people as it is when exploring the pure Gemini archetype). Having said that, the New Moon in Gemini can be a potent time for sitting with our conflicting emotions about something and sifting through them for greater clarity, perhaps even getting insight into how we want to move forward on some issues. Then we can write that out, in alignment with the linguistic orientation of Gemini, and see what comes of them over the next six months or so. To that end, processing by writing in general could prove beneficial on this New Moon, and easier for those of us who don’t usually identify as writers.

The Sun and Jupiter Spar For the Good

During the next two weeks, we will see the Sun come into direct opposition with Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius. This opposition can foster a drive within us to do more with ourselves, to be or experience more, and a bit of frustration about where we currently are. It may parade our passions in front of us in a manner that almost feels like a challenge or finger-wagging. Having said that, once we do the work of integrating the energies we feel from this transit, we can ride its Jupiterian wave to great progress in the respective area of our life that it pertains to.  

Venus and Mars Dance with Reality and Power

gemini moon 5As the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn fades (to return with a vengeance early next year), we get a last gasp of activity with it from Venus and Mars. Venus, the planet of relationships and aesthetics, makes a healthy, harmonious trine from grounded and sensual Taurus. This can be an intense time in our relationships or sex life, which may feel karmic, cosmic, or both. New ideas of how to strengthen our relationships or express ourselves sexually may emerge, and there is energy for healthy experiencing of sacred sexuality and deep intimacy with partners. These can make for some profoundly healing and transformative sexual experiences. This transit will be over by the time Venus enters Gemini on June 8th.

About a week after the Venus transit peaks, Mars in Cancer begins to make an opposition to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, potentially summoning difficult situations to us that challenge our boundaries and sense of power. Sensitive Cancerian Mars isn’t a fan of aggression and may feel thwarted by the pull of serious, rigid Saturn and relentless, skin-shedding Pluto. Having said that, if we use this opportunity to focus on building ourselves up through learning the difficult lessons, it could prove quite alchemical. With Mercury in Cancer moving into a friction-laden square with Chiron in Aries in between these transits, our wounds of personality could bubble to the surface of our mind. This can prove helpful for healing if we approach these experiences with the intention to heal.

Vision or Deception: You Choose

alchemyOtherwise, we also come this period to a square between Jupiter and Neptune around June 16th, which occurs once a year unless Jupiter retrogrades back to this aspect (as is happening now). We may feel optimistic then get slammed to earth. We may have a vision that feels compelling and growth-oriented but that we can’t quite seem to get a handle on what to do with. There are other forces at work here adding to this friction (the Sun is square Neptune), but also some that are smoothing it over in the coming weeks (Mars trine Neptune, Saturn and Pluto holding steady in a sextile to it). This can be a mixed bag of confusion or vision, insight or delusion, and what I’d recommend doing is riding the wave of energy pushing us higher through external means. For example, turning to tools like Tarot or runes that harness this energy but don’t totally rely on our interpretation, which can be highly clouded by ego during this transit. This may also be a time where we face tests of our faith and visions of things not working out for us. If we do, my recommendation would be to keep moving forward anyway with any courses we’ve already set unless doing so absolutely seems like a horrible idea for clear, rational reasons. The squares will fade, and in their place, the more supportive trines and sextiles will help us gain clarity on where we are, where to go next, etc.

gemini moon 6.jpg

I pulled a card for this forecast period and drew the Queen of Swords reversed. I interpret this as aligning with what I just shared about Jupiter square Neptune. We may have ideas or impulses that are best not to heed now, as our thinking may not be as clear as we assume, or we may readily misinterpret our feelings or intuitions. This may be a time when it’s best not to make any major life decisions unless we have to. The Queen of Swords reversed can also represent a conniving or manipulative feminine figure in our life, so that may also be worth keeping an eye out for during this time.

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