Full Moon in Sagittarius for 2019

Note: how Astrology individually affects us depends on the placement of planets in our birth chart. This forecast assumes an uncomplicated interaction between the transiting planets and a birth chart, which means parts of it may not apply to you (or may only apply to certain degrees). To learn about your specific chart, I encourage you to book a session with me. Also, this article was written for the Northern Hemisphere. It covers 6/17/19-7/1/19

sagittarius 1.jpgOn June 17th at 1:31 a.m. PST we’ll experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the wanderer, explorer, and philosopher of the Zodiac, eager to suck the marrow out of life and pursue its passions and sense of purpose. Sagittarius is often the sign most associated with good fortune and joviality, given its rulership by lucky, expansive Jupiter, and a Sagittarian Full Moon can be a lucky time or one where we’re most aligned with our urge to expand – to grow from where we are and explore.

When the Moon is full, it’s on the opposite side of the earth from the Sun (which also means it’s in the opposite Zodiac sign from the Sun), forming a polarity with it. This means, roughly, that there is tension between our core sense of self (Sun) and our emotions, instincts, and feelings (Moon). One tugs at the other, wants to go in a different direction, and many of us experience this as restlessness when the moon is full. All oppositions between astrological signs share a common thread, and this polarity between Sagittarius and Gemini is one I see being about curiosity and knowledge. Both signs crave to learn, expand, and explore, but where Gemini seeks quantity over quality, Sagittarius longs for the deep dive. Gemini wants to watch a series of documentaries about the ancient world, whereas Sagittarius wants to spend months working on an archaeological dig. On this Full Moon, we may feel the pull to discover and understand, and it can be a worthwhile time for both pursuits. This can be a powerful occasion for initiating intentions of growing and exploring our consciousness.

sagittarius 2.jpgSagittarius is also a sign that’s often passionate about “doing the right thing,” eager to champion justice with zeal. During this Full Moon, we may feel more acutely where injustices exist within our life and the greater world. We may be more aware of how we’re not showing up for ourselves or others, or where we could stand to do more. This Full Moon can be a powerful time to work to release the restraints that keep us from asserting ourselves  while committing to a higher level of work toward the greater good. As mutable fire, Sagittarius has the ability to be more flexible and adaptable than the other fire signs, which facilitates some of this releasing and shifting gears.

In general, Full Moons are often associated with revealing and illuminating, and this Full Moon can be a powerful time of doing both in these respective areas. It could be a ripe opportunity for a Tarot reading or journaling (or both) around questions like:

-Where could I be diving deeper in my life?
-Is there something I feel called to explore that I’m not?
-How well am I living up to my passions and sense of purpose?
-What guidance could help me in doing a better job in that area?
-Am I being just with myself? If not, what could I initiate to change that?

Overall, this Full Moon can be a time to leap in the direction of our passions. To dare, to grow, and to aspire. Sagittarius is a sign of faith and triumph too, and both qualities are more accessible to us while the Moon is full in Sagittarius.

The Hammer of Reality Falls

sagittarius 4

Saturn and Pluto are like…

In addition to the Full Moon, there is some tension in the air as Mars in Cancer has just opposed Saturn and is moving into an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. Simultaneously, Jupiter in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces. Collectively, this can create an atmosphere where we become highly aware of the limitations and restrictions in our life, as well as the deeper truths of our experience or circumstances that we may be avoiding. Mars pushes us to assert and move, while Saturn and Pluto check us, calling for us to be realistic and honest. This can be a difficult ride, but it can also be a highly productive one if we can use the information we gain about our resources, limitations, and state of being to create a productive, practical action plan for harnessing some of this Mars energy. This could be a solid time for looking at the professional initiatives in our life and figuring out where we feel stifled or unsteady and taking action to course correct some of that.

Having said that, the square between Jupiter and Neptune can make our plans for ourselves (and thoughts in general) a bit unclear or murky. We may feel called to grow but struggle to get a read on how to, or that our desires seem to vanish like a mirage in front of us. Overall, the difficult energy of this time inclines me to believe that practicality and pragmatism are the order of the day: by staying present and in the facts of our circumstances, we can set ourselves up for success moving forward. We can mind the limitations and difficulties we experience with reason and strategy, availing ourselves of the helpful opportunities around us while sidestepping options that are unrealistic. When we do work like this, we build a steady internal foundation that we can lean on in the future, which is one of the greatest values of Saturn and Pluto transits. In facing reality, we develop effective ways of coping when luck doesn’t seem to be on our side, which helps us all the more when it is.

year-celebrations-3088405_1920.jpgOtherwise, the Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st, with the Sun entering Cancer and entering its peak for the year. The Summer Solstice merits an entire blog post in-and-of-itself (or many of them!), so I encourage you to research solstice celebrations more if you’re interested in it. There are many opportunities during this time for connecting with the light within, setting intentions to honor ourselves, and blooming with the vibrancy of the Sun’s zenith, as we see in the world around us. The vital solar energy of this time is also powerful for healing, given the nurturing, womb-like qualities of maternal Cancer.


I pulled a Tarot card for this cycle and drew the Seven of Pentacles reversed. I interpret this as resonating with what I wrote about Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. We’re in the process of building or creating something, yet something is off or not flowing and we may even feel anxious or unsteady. Alternatively, our status quo may just get rattled, suddenly feeling less sustainable or satisfying than it did before. This helps us clarify what we’re doing, what we intended to do in the first place, and where we want to go from here. It’s a valuable pause, even if difficult, that helps us course correct, solidify our intentions in pragmatic terms, and create systems that support us reaching our goals.


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