Full Moon in Pisces for 2018

pisces full moonThis Sunday’s full moon in Pisces, a watery sign of higher consciousness, features one of the thinnest veils between the worlds of the year. The unconscious is at our mental fingertips, making this night a potent one for exploring dreams, desires, and visions, and our imagination, empathy, and intuition will be at their peak. We can tune in to our greater life path and ask what our soul calls for – and we’ll be likelier than normal to clearly perceive the answer.

Pisces marks the end of the astrological year, and full moons are times of completion in general. The Pisces full moon can be a powerful opportunity for symbolically marking the end of something in our life, whether it’s already over or we intend to complete it soon. Do you have emotional baggage that you’re looking to jettison? Are you seeking closure that you may never get? The Pisces full moon can help us release these issues. We can do this via a process like shamanic journeying or through performing a ritual of release (see below).

No sign can step outside of its identity and into the ocean of consciousness like Pisces. This can be a good time to journal about issues in our life where we feel too mired in our perspective to see them clearly. This lunar energy can make us more able than usual to recognize alternative vantage points and not be as attached to our own.

Meanwhile, Mars is stationing and preparing to go direct on the 28th after being retrograde (i.e. it looked like it was moving backward in the sky and now it’s going to move forward again). This provides us with increased energy to get things done, as well as externalize energies that were turned inward while Mars was retrograde. Do you have any internal processes that feel complete that are ready for harvesting and sharing? Mars can support you in this as it goes direct, especially since it’s in the pragmatic and ambitious sign of Capricorn, arguably the greatest “doer” of the Zodiac.

earth trine

Grand Earth Trine Between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus

In addition to the opportunities presented by the full moon, there’s a Grand Trine in the earth element between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus. Though Saturn and Uranus are trine each other until November 11th, this Grand Trine ends on September 5th (it started on August 16th). Trines occur when planets are in different signs that share the same element, and they indicate a harmonious, supportive flow of energy. This Grand Trine can provide a potent opportunity to tackle projects on the earth plane, particularly as Mars goes direct. The discipline and pragmatism of Saturn interweaves with the innovative and revolutionary flair of Uranus, providing a rare opportunity to bring our most authentic or even idiosyncratic notions to the outer world in a practical manner. Especially when fed by the vital energy of the Sun, which represents our individuality (i.e. what beats our heart). If you want to start a career that resonates with your authentic self – or pursue any other passions of yours – this could be a good time to plan that or begin working on it. If this energy harmoniously aspects your natal chart, the best of tradition and progress will be at your fingertips in a practical, real-world manner during this transit. On a simpler note, this transit can bring us material luck.

hanged manI pulled a Tarot card for this full moon and appropriately drew The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man, associated with water and Neptune (the planetary ruler of Pisces), reminds us of the spiritual value of self-sacrifice. Offering up the things we cling to out of fear and surrendering them can lead to our greatest personal revelation. What are you holding on to that calls for release? How do you think your life would change if you let that go? This full moon might be the time to find out, which you can initiate with this ritual:

A Pisces Full Moon Ritual for Release

Stand under the light of the full moon and center yourself. On a piece of paper, write what you intend to release. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Piscean full moon filling you, as well as the piece of paper. Light a candle and burn the paper in a safe, contained manner. Repeat these words as the paper burns (or ones of your own design that achieve a similar end):

I give this issue to the fire,candle-in-glass-holder
And with the smoke it rises higher,
The clarity I seek will come,
Before another moon is done.

As you say this, imagine that the issue is rising into the air and that clarity is making its way to you. When the paper stops burning, put its ashes in a glass bottle that’s filled with water. Ground yourself. Put this bottle in a safe place where it can receive the light of the full moon. The next morning, place this bottle in a dark space in your home (i.e. a cupboard, a basement, etc.) and leave it be until the next full moon. At that time, empty its contents under a tree near your home and imagine that clarity is rooting within you.

In lieu of this, you can also take a bath, ideally in a bathroom with a window where you can see the moon. As you soak, imagine that the issue is being released into the water. When you feel complete, open the drain and allow the water to draw the issue with it. Remain in the bathtub until it’s empty, and feel the light of clarity filling you in the place of what was released.

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