New Moon in Virgo for 2018

Note: how Astrology individually affects us depends on the placement of planets in our birth chart. These blog posts assume a harmonious or non-complicated interaction between the transiting planets and a birth chart. To learn about your specific chart, I encourage you to book a session with me

moon phasesThis Sunday’s New Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign known for self-analysis, service, and self-refinement (and at times, perfectionism), brings opportunities for increased self-awareness and healthy self-criticism. A New Moon occurs when the Moon is on the same side of the earth as the Sun and in front of the Sun (which is why it appears dark). In Astrological terms, this means that the Moon and Sun are in the same sign and form a conjunction, a fuses of their energies where they often operate as a unit. Practically speaking, this means the Sun, our core identity – the part that beats our heart, and the Moon, our feelings and subjective interior aspects, are aligned.

Through the lens of Virgo, we have a profound opportunity with this New Moon to examine what is and isn’t working in our life on every level, outer and inner, mental and emotional level. We also have a chance to consider what we could do better, as well as how our actions are or aren’t serving us.

Virgo is driven to course correct and recalibrate upon each misstep. It’s a sign that’s highly aware of any mistakes it makes. This energy is with us during this New Moon, and it’s worth harnessing. The New Moon in Virgo calls us to examine ourselves candidly: what are we avoiding? Where are we not showing up as we could? Are we serving others in our life? How are we are caring for ourselves? Is there somewhere we missed the mark that we feel merits an apology?

The New Moon is the monthly astrological height of our Yin side, the part of us that’s receptive, dark, and allows things to ripen in their time. For the year, the Yin peaks on the New Moon the month of the Winter Solstice, when the Sun is also at its most Yin. The Wheel of the Year that moves through the Zodiac is readying to move below the horizon now, with the Equinox coming later this month. In some ways, this New Moon is the preview of that inward journey, an opportunity to start the powerful process that will soon be mirrored by trees losing their leaves. What will we plant and grow in the dark, to be brought into the light next year? Now is a time to consider of this, with the pragmatism and thoughtfulness of Virgo as a support, and lay the groundwork for the coming months.This can be a fruitful time to review our current goals as well as begin considering what goals to undertake next year. From here, the New Moon nights will become increasingly long and deep until the Winter Solstice. We’re given an opportunity to be with the shadow and ally with the darkness within – a darkness that is inherent to each of us and need only be feared when it’s not healthfully explored and integrated.

Sun Sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Pluto

alchemyFrom September 1st to 23rd, the Sun is sextile Jupiter and also trine Pluto (Jupiter is sextile Pluto for much of the year). This combination of harmonious transits feeding the Sun provides a powerful energy for mining our depths of self-expression, self-expansion, and self-exploration. New Moons are times of beginning and initiation in general, and this transit adds to the power of the Virgoan New Moon to launch a successful new initiative, great or small, that integrates and expresses deeper levels of self and authenticity, or that potently transforms. With these transits, there is helpful confidence and momentum to bring our deeper process to the earth and get things done. You may have increased insight into what deeply matters to you, as well as energy to expand it and bring it into the world. Soul retrievals and shamanic journeys can be effective during this time. You may also have intense days, or feel intense urges to act on a more profound level.

This is a powerful time to launch a resolution: what does your deeper self call out for? What do you want to try to do better? How do you want to transform or heal? The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto are with you on this. That’s one thing that’s amazing about harnessing Astrology: “as above, so below” isn’t just a passive experience; we have a say in how the music of the spheres plays out in the symphony of our lives.

two of wandsI pulled a Tarot card for the New Moon and drew the Two of Wands. With this card, there can be a sense of “having the world in our hands” as well as “being on top of the world.” It fits well with the harmonious relationship between the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto in the wake of the Mars Retrograde period that ended, which left many of us feeling difficulty in asserting ourselves and completing tasks. This card can involve courage, confidence, and progress, as well as planning. If you haven’t felt on top of things recently, these transits and the insights from this New Moon can help you get there. Journaling, shamanic journeying, other forms of introspection, and goal-planning and review can aid in this.


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