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Sex and the Stars

Astrology is a means of gaining insight into ourselves in a variety of areas: emotionality, intellectuality, personality…and sexuality too! Many of us spend years figuring out what we want sexually, and taking a look at the stars can give us some ideas of what might feel good to us. Our sexual satisfaction in terms of astrology mainly comes from four planetary placements: Mars, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon. To find out where your planets are placed, get a free natal chart from or Once you know where […]

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Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a period that happens three to four times a year, when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, which is what retrograde means.ย Mercury is the planet of thinking. Itโ€™s the part of us that processes information, communicates verbally, operates our short-term memory, and makes intellectual meaning out of our environment. When it moves retrograde, a wrench gets thrown into this domain of our life. For example, someone tells us something important, and we donโ€™t register it or understand them properly. We go to book a flight […]

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